Frequently Asked Questions


When the models get updated?

We do not have any specific schedule for any game. Usually, we try to update the models as soon as we can get them, but this might vary according to demand and difficulty. To keep up to date with our updates you can follow our Twitter.

Is there a way to download the models?

Since allowing this would violate the EULA of almost all the games, we don't support this function. However we can tell that the majority of models we have come from The VG Resource or GitHub repositories!.

The viewer page is blank, what do I do?

Unfortunately, due to an absurd amount of users using AdBlock, we had to take this measure and even increase the number of ads showing to keep enough revenue to at least pay our servers. So we require any kind of ad blocker to be disabled to show the page.

I disabled adblock and got nothing, what do I do?

Most likely some other browser extension is preventing google ads from showing. Some anti-tracker extension does that, try disabling them too.
There is some other stuff that might be preventing them as well, such as your browser (e.g.: Brave), DNS Server, Anti-Virus, and others.

I do not consent to the display of ads. How can I see the models?

The same way you chose to use an adblocker, we chose to not serve users with adblockers.

Do you have any tracking on your website?

The only trackers on the website are from the ads and Google Analytics.
We do not share nor store any additional information from the users - we believe that the ads are enough tracking!